Micro Fiction - Reflection

I'm not the type of person that falls asleep quickly. Sometimes, words come into my brain, and I have to write them down. I didn't know where this micro-fiction/vignette should go, so I figured that for now, its home is here.

Today I went into the mirror.
My reflection tried to stop me, but I brushed her aside.
I stepped through the glass. Surprisingly, it didn't hurt. It was like walking through water.
It only started to hurt when I looked around. I breathed in a thousand cuts. I breathed out a thousand hurts. I opened my mouth, but nothing came out but the whine of the unloved. Around me, all I heard were the voices of the angry.
"I tried to stop you." My reflection mouthed to me.
Our gazes held each other in place until she broke free.
Now, it's my turn to be the reflection.


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