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One Year Publishing Anniversary

One year and one week ago, I published The Nutcracker King, which marked the start of my self-publishing journey! To be honest, I had intended to write this on the exact date, but I forgot when I started self-publishing. I definitely haven't "made it" (whatever "made it" means), but I do want to write a short post so that when I check back next year, I can see if I've made any improvements or not.

In one year, I managed to publish 3 books - The Nutcracker King, Beauty's Daughter and The School of Anime Characters. In total, I sold 57 books and the breakdown is:

The Nutcracker King: 25 Copies
Beauty's Daughter: 9 Copies
The School of Anime Characters: 23 Characters

Apart from this, I also gave away 582 copies The Nutcracker King, in the hopes that people who read it will like it and go on to buy Beauty's Daughter. And to build up my mailing list.

Even though Beauty's Daughter is the sequel to The Nutcracker King, it hasn't really been sel…

Beauty's Daughter - Published!

Beauty's Daughter is finally published!! It feels like I've been sitting on this for the longest time ever, and I'm so glad that it's out in the world now. If you've been wanting to read more about the world in which The Nutcracker King was set, you should definitely check out the book.
And this time, I'm trying something new - it's called a universal book link, and once you click on it, you can set it for your store of choice. That should make things a lot easier


What happens when your ‘Happily Ever After’ is a lie?  Queen Beauty and King Charming lived happily ever after. At least, until the birth of their daughter. Despite their invitations, none of the fairies show up to give the princess a name-blessing, something Beauty is determined her daughter should receive. Rashly, she decrees that her daughter will either have a name-blessing or no name at all. With that one decision, she unwittingly casts …

Podcasts (and other stuff) that Inspired Me 2

I've got more podcast episodes and stuff that I really like to share! So.... A second post!

From The Creative Penn, I found an episode on banishing writer's block! I thought it was really great, so if you're looking for something to listen to, you should check it out:

I really like this quote that includes a quote:
"I think people put so much pressure on themselves to be perfect and that’s baloney. I love the Ernest Hemingway quote where he says, “We are all apprentices in a craft that no one ever masters.” " Another podcast that I started listening to is the Planet Money podcast. My friend introduced it to me, and it's definitely worth subscribing too. Episodes I like include the one on living on the poverty line, bitcoin (brought up some points that I haven't considered because most of the bitcoin people I know are extremely positive about it), a cheese cartel, and the latest episode, on getting your money back.

And in the none podcast stuff, I found an

Podcasts that Inspired Me

I know, a post? Mid-month? It's definitely a blue moon, because this blog... is normally not very regularly updated. But, I've been leaving long statuses on Wattpad (I'm trying to get into Wattpad, again. Hopefully I won't fail, again), and I realised I wanted to save them somewhere more permanent. Like this blog.

So anyway, I listen to a bunch of podcasts, and there were a few that really inspired me recently. The two latest episodes of The Creative Penn were really good. I loved the one about writing with emotion, especially this quote:
"So after the big universal world building, the next level down, and you can break this down into several steps, the first one for me is finding a universal theme, which is a primal emotion and I’m going to center everything around." And from the latest episode on creativity, art and business, I really loved this quote:

I used to think that eventually as a creative person or as an artist I would “arrive,” and I put that in qu…

The School of Anime Characters - Published

Today, I hit the "publish" button for the second time!
The School of Anime Characters is basically a short collection of short stories inspired by the anime-loving side of me. And luckily for me, I've got plenty of anime-loving friends, so their stories gave me all that inspiration. And a cover.

So, thank, James! I really, really love the cover you made.

And thank you, Nic, Bekah! This taco totally appreciates all the listening and helping you did <3

Ok, now on to the book:

All Freida wants is to be normal. Getting sent to ‘The School for Anime Characters’ was definitely not part of the plan. Being told she was the hero — well, things couldn’t get worse than that. Can her new classmates get her to embrace her inner hero, or is the world doomed to be overrun by crazy fangirls?   The School of Anime Characters is a collection of short stories that add up to roughly 12,000 words, or about 48 book pages. I'm not very good at announcements and stuff like this, so I'…


A little while ago, I read Writing is my Drink by Theo Pauline Nester. It was interesting, but out of all the exercises that she mentioned, the 26 Minute Memoir was the one that intrigued me the most. Basically, you set a timer for 26 minutes and try to sum up your life. 
So here's my unedited 26 minute memoir: 
Act 1: I am Good

I am the good girl. I have always been the good girl. Good meaning ‘well-behaved’, meaning ‘doesn’t ask for much’. A conversation and an occasion stick out in my mind as to what ‘good’ means, how the word has been defined for me all these years.

A word of warning: I don’t know if these were separate conversations, if they took place of the course of months, if it’s related to the occasion I’m going to tell you about. They have all melded together to form one big occasion, a neon light pointing the path forward. Funny thing, these memories of mine.

In my memories, I am young. Primary school, perhaps. There’s nothing I want more than an actual doll’s bed. The …