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Podcasts that Inspired Me

I know, a post? Mid-month? It's definitely a blue moon, because this blog... is normally not very regularly updated. But, I've been leaving long statuses on Wattpad (I'm trying to get into Wattpad, again. Hopefully I won't fail, again), and I realised I wanted to save them somewhere more permanent. Like this blog.

So anyway, I listen to a bunch of podcasts, and there were a few that really inspired me recently. The two latest episodes of The Creative Penn were really good. I loved the one about writing with emotion, especially this quote:
"So after the big universal world building, the next level down, and you can break this down into several steps, the first one for me is finding a universal theme, which is a primal emotion and I’m going to center everything around." And from the latest episode on creativity, art and business, I really loved this quote:

I used to think that eventually as a creative person or as an artist I would “arrive,” and I put that in qu…

The School of Anime Characters - Published

Today, I hit the "publish" button for the second time!
The School of Anime Characters is basically a short collection of short stories inspired by the anime-loving side of me. And luckily for me, I've got plenty of anime-loving friends, so their stories gave me all that inspiration. And a cover.

So, thank, James! I really, really love the cover you made.

And thank you, Nic, Bekah! This taco totally appreciates all the listening and helping you did <3

Ok, now on to the book:

All Freida wants is to be normal. Getting sent to ‘The School for Anime Characters’ was definitely not part of the plan. Being told she was the hero — well, things couldn’t get worse than that. Can her new classmates get her to embrace her inner hero, or is the world doomed to be overrun by crazy fangirls?   The School of Anime Characters is a collection of short stories that add up to roughly 12,000 words, or about 48 book pages. I'm not very good at announcements and stuff like this, so I'…