Podcasts (and other stuff) that Inspired Me 2

I've got more podcast episodes and stuff that I really like to share! So.... A second post!

From The Creative Penn, I found an episode on banishing writer's block! I thought it was really great, so if you're looking for something to listen to, you should check it out:

I really like this quote that includes a quote:
"I think people put so much pressure on themselves to be perfect and that’s baloney. I love the Ernest Hemingway quote where he says, “We are all apprentices in a craft that no one ever masters.” "
Another podcast that I started listening to is the Planet Money podcast. My friend introduced it to me, and it's definitely worth subscribing too. Episodes I like include the one on living on the poverty line, bitcoin (brought up some points that I haven't considered because most of the bitcoin people I know are extremely positive about it), a cheese cartel, and the latest episode, on getting your money back.

And in the none podcast stuff, I found an article on self-editing, and I thought it was pretty useful. I'll probably be using that (in conjunction with the other stuff) the next time I'm doing revisions.

Another really interesting site is called Immerse or Die, where the guy tries to immerse himself in a book, but gives up after three strikes. I don't think I'm brave enough to submit yet, but there's a lot of helpful advice in there - look at what pulled him out and I think it can point to places we can check in our own writing.

Lastly, I found two really cool MOOCs, which I wrote about on my other blog here.

Let me know if you found anything interesting lately. I'd love to hear about it(:


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