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One Year Publishing Anniversary

One year and one week ago, I published The Nutcracker King, which marked the start of my self-publishing journey! To be honest, I had intended to write this on the exact date, but I forgot when I started self-publishing. I definitely haven't "made it" (whatever "made it" means), but I do want to write a short post so that when I check back next year, I can see if I've made any improvements or not.

In one year, I managed to publish 3 books - The Nutcracker King, Beauty's Daughter and The School of Anime Characters. In total, I sold 57 books and the breakdown is:

The Nutcracker King: 25 Copies
Beauty's Daughter: 9 Copies
The School of Anime Characters: 23 Characters

Apart from this, I also gave away 582 copies The Nutcracker King, in the hopes that people who read it will like it and go on to buy Beauty's Daughter. And to build up my mailing list.

Even though Beauty's Daughter is the sequel to The Nutcracker King, it hasn't really been sel…