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I have mild depression

I’m back in counselling! This time, a face-to-face one. Remember the mental health check I talked about some time ago? Well, they sent a referral and I got a phone call a couple of days ago asking about when I would like to come in.

Since I’m a NEET right now, I asked (and got) an appointment the next day. Luckily for me, the counselor is at the Rotary Family Service Center, which is a non-profit social work organisation. They’re funded by the government (although not working for them), so my counseling was free.

After talking and listening, the counselor told me that I probably have mild depression.

What is mild depression?

So basically, because I do not have all the symptoms of depression and because they aren’t that severe, my depression is considered mild (which is a good thing).

That isn’t to say that you can ignore mild depression. It can mess you up, as quite a few Dayreans will remember (I don’t even dare look for that post).

Symptoms of depression include:

Persistent sadness; o…