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Paperbacks Available in Singapore!

Guess what?

I finally found a printer so paperback copies of my books are finally available in Singapore! (If you don't want to pay for shipping from Amazon).

This is how the books look like. They're almost identical to the Amazon versions, only the paper is white and not cream, and there's no barcode. And because I'm selling direct, the prices are slightly lower than they otherwise would be.


If you’re going to self-collect and pay by cash, the books are:

1 book for SGD $8
3 books for SGD $20 (save $4!)

I can hand the books to you at Clementi station, Dover station, or Jurong East station.

If you would like the books to be delivered via registered mail, they’re going to cost a little more:

1 book for SGD $10
3 books for SGD $25 (save $5!)

If you opt to get your books via registered mail, payment will be done via PayPal and I’ll send you an invoice when the books arrive (in two to three weeks time). Payment must be made before I post the books and delivery is only …

Lessons from counselling

I've been going to counseling and today's session made me want to take down notes so that I don't forget. It's a bit of a hodge-podge, but I'm sharing it here in case it can help.

1. What toxic means

The word toxic is bandied around so often that I didn’t really know what it meant. So I asked and was answered:

When you’re in a toxic environment, you come away feeling worse (lower self-esteem, depression) than you did before.

It doesn’t really matter if the people in that environment are nice to you. If you come away from the environment feeling bad, the environment is toxic.

2. Experiences are unique

I was thinking that maybe I’m the weird one because I know a lot of people who like to speak badly about the Japanese as the whole and my experience has been very positive. But my counselor pointed out that I am not those people and they are not me, so we naturally have different experiences.

And it’s not just that. Our personalities shape the experiences we have. So I …