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my heart in two places

So I've been back in Singapore for over half a year, yet it feels like no time has passed. It's been great being able to spend time with Singaporean friends and family (especially since most of the people my age have graduated and are back in Singapore too) but the more I meet up with old friends, the more I realise that:

I miss Japan. 

In a way, I knew this was coming. When I left, I knew that I would miss things like conbinis (I don't think I've stepped foot in a convenience store here more than five times - definitely no haunting it like before), Sushiro and other foods, and of course, the toilets. But I didn't expect to miss:

the sound of noisy cicadas haunting the still summer air
the ability to hop into a car and drive to a whole new place, like Ookawachiyama or Takachiho
the seasons changing
my friends

In short, I miss the way of life I had in Japan and the friends that I made. While I do my best to keep up with at least one thing - my friends - it's a lo…