Coming from Darkness Series

What happens when fairytales don't end happily ever after? 

Book 1: The Nutcracker King

How far will you go for your ‘Happily Ever After’?

It has been eight years since the Nutcracker has defeated the Mouse King, and he is still a cursed doll. The Nutcracker’s one desire is to break the curse, allowing him to take his rightful place as King and make Marie his queen. But nothing has worked.

The Nutcracker grows more and more desperate as time runs out and Marie begins to move away from him. One day, he uncovers a dark secret about his kingdom and decides to use the knowledge to reverse the curse and claim his destiny. The Nutcracker will do anything to reach his goal and have Marie rule by his side. This will be his happily ever after.

But will it be Marie’s?

Book 2: Beauty's Daughter

What happens when your ‘Happily Ever After’ is a lie?

Queen Beauty and King Charming lived happily ever after. At least, until the birth of their daughter. Despite their invitations, none of the fairies show up to give the princess a name-blessing, something Beauty is determined her daughter should receive. Rashly, she decrees that her daughter will either have a name-blessing or no name at all. With that one decision, she unwittingly casts a dark shadow over the land.

Growing up, the princess shared her mother's dream of getting a name-blessing, but that's the only thing that they have in common. For everything else, there's the Lady in the Mirror. The Lady listens to her, and unlike her father, isn't afraid to criticise her mother, Beauty.

After many years of waiting, the fairies are finally coming, and the princess will do anything to get her name-blessing.


Book 3: The Goblin Apple

A princess without legitimacy. A conqueror without a heart. One chance to save the people she cares about.

No one cares about Princess Elizabeth. Her surly fellow nobles question her claim to the crown. Without a real apple to be found, she may only eat candy fruits that rot her teeth. And her parents offer her only saccharine pep talks.

The mysterious Goblin Market calls out to her and she is faced with an unwholesome bargain with its dark Goblin Queen.

The Nutcracker King is coming, accompanied by his tin soldier army. Elizabeth doesn’t know the limits of the tyrant’s ambitions for her kingdom – and maybe herself – but she knows she’ll do anything to protect her people, her claim to the throne and her father’s very life.

Book 4: Twilight Children


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